The new seafaring online community

We are proud to introduce the brand-new Seafarer Blog, an online portal exclusively for all BSM seafarers, launched in April 2019.

This blog is a platform for seafarers to share, comment and like on an ocean of topics they can directly post for their fellow mates. First-hand stories, insights and achievements of their seafaring colleagues are also featured on the Seafarer Blog.

The Seafarer Blog features:

  • Stories from sea and shore staff
  • Insights on topics for further discussion
  • Health and wellbeing articles
  • Articles on internationally observed days
  • Updates on successes, such as promotions, long-service awards and new vessel takeovers
  • Upcoming crew events and reviews of past ones
  • Travel tips from Eurasia Travel Network
  • A photo gallery, where seafarers can share their ‘selfies’ with their BSM fellow mates, whom they may have bumped into when travelling from/to vessels

The Seafarer Blog was created to strengthen the community of BSM’s seafarers, to create and expand a common understanding, and to strive towards a more collectively embraced #OneTeamOneBSM spirit on board and ashore.

All seafarers are welcome to join the blog with their BSM credentials either via the Seafarer App or through and start socialising!

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