BSM celebrates its 400th vessel under full management

In January 2019, BSM Hong Kong procured the full management of MV Ultra Tiger, cracking the mark of 400 vessels under BSM’s full management.

At the same time, MV Ultra Tiger is the 71st vessel under BSM Hong Kong’s full management.

Kamsarmax size MV Ultra Tiger, previously named Star of Dubai, was built and delivered by Sanoyas Shipyard in 2009. It came into BSM Hong Kong’s management at the port of Ulsan.

This 10-year-old vessel is owned by MC Shipping and is on a long-term charter with Ultra Bulk. During the past two years, it changed its ship management twice. MC Shipping selected between various ship managers and claims it places great trust in BSM’s capabilities.

The stern tube of MV Ultra Tiger was upgraded to an air seal and a ballast water treatment plant was installed while the vessel was dry-docked in April 2019.

The vessel is operated by a Filipino crew under the command of Capt. Francis Arao and C/E. Marcos Abletes.

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