BSM focuses on customer priorities

BSM recently undertook the annual ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018,’ which acts as a supportive pillar for ensuring that the company consistently delivers against their customers’ needs and correctly focus its efforts to continuously improve.

The results of the annual survey are very encouraging and supportive of the emphasis BSM places on being a trusted partner. BSM is committed to fostering close relationships and communication with its customers, in order to best help them achieve their goals.

Based on the survey output, the management and global teams are taking targeted actions to ensure that all customer’s expectations are met and exceeded. Complete integrated action plans have already been designated to relevant departments and individuals to target concerns and further enhance areas of satisfaction.

This year’s key highlights are:

  • 87 percent of participants regard the quality of services delivered by BSM as ranging from ‘still good’ to ‘significantly improved’
  • Regulatory compliance (including port state control), safety performance and integrity as well as transparency were rated as the top three factors in terms of importance, thus, BSM continues to strategically align its priorities and processes with these
  • Relationship with the primary point of contact, regulatory compliance (including port state control) and safety performance were the factors which showed the highest satisfaction. Promisingly, these factors align with customers’ most important criteria when selecting a ship manager
  • 81 percent of participants would highly recommend BSM to another company

This year’s high survey response rate of 86 percent was greatly appreciated. As always, BSM’s aim is to obtain feedback from all customers. BSM sincerely hopes that the high response rate will be maintained in the surveys to follow.

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