A Hawk enters the Bernhard Schulte fleet

On November 30, 2018, Bernhard Schulte’s first LNG carrier, Marvel Hawk, with 174,000 cbm of LNG carrying capacity was delivered.

MV Marvel Hawk is jointly owned by Bernhard Schulte and BSM’s long-term partner Mitsui & Co under the Comet Arrow Joint Venture. The vessel is under a fifteen-year time charter to Mitsui & Co’s LNG trading arm and, as one of eight dedicated vessels, will carry LNG cargoes from the Cameron LNG facility in Hackberry, Louisiana, USA to various off-take terminals in Japan and elsewhere.

As her seven sisters, the vessel is named after birds of prey endemic to the Cameron Parish, a wildlife refuge. ‘Marvel’ was the internal Mitsui & Co name for the Cameron project, but considering the vessel’s special features, parallels to the superhero world of the Marvel comics can surely be drawn.

The Marvel Hawk has a twin engine, twin propeller, rudder redundant design, membrane type GTT Mark 3 containment system, Wärstilä W6X62DF dual fuel engines capable of Tier II (Diesel Mode) as well as Tier III (Gas Mode), amongst many other features.

Due to the very firm LNG market, the vessel completed a non-operational SIRE inspection the day of delivery and went on hire only a few hours later. This was competently handled by the crew, the BSM British Isles takeover team, the onboard Training Superintendent and Bernhard Schulte’s Fleet Management Department, who prepared the vessel well for this challenge.

With her delivery, six years of hard work and negotiations on specification, shipbuilding contract, charter party and plans as well as calculations have been converted into this fine vessel.

The vessel is under the command of Capt. Sinisa Milosevic and a crew of 28 members, under the full management of BSM British Isles.

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