Containership MOL Tribute sets loading record

In February 2019, MOL Tribute, a container vessel under the full management of BSM Hong Kong, set a remarkable loading record of 19,190 TEUs including 38 TEUs void slots, cracking its previous record of 19,000 TEUs achieved by MOL Tradition in late December 2018. At that time MOL Tribute set a new benchmark for the most twenty-foot equivalent containers ever loaded onto a vessel with 19,100 TEU.

The record-setting stow took place at the PSA Singapore terminal and was announced by Navis, a part of the Cargotec Corporation, who provided the stowage planning software that optimised the arrangement of containers.

Operated by Ocean Network Express (ONE), the 400-meter MOL Tribute has a total capacity of 20,146 TEU, ranking it among one the largest containerships in the world.

Just for comparison, a previous loading record stood 18,767 TEUs and was achieved by MOL Tradition in late December 2018. She is a sister vessel of MOL Tribute and also under BSM Hong Kong’s full management. ​

These loading records were achieved by the customer’s strong support and the shore-based staff as well as the excellent performance and cooperation of our crew to optimise the vessel’s capacity and cargo weight distribution.

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