Employee Opinion Survey 2018

One of BSM’s top priorities is to provide a healthy and professional working environment that allows all employees to grow, feel challenged and motivated. This success rate is observed by an annual Employee Opinion Survey, from which all feedback is compiled and adopted into a next-step action plan.

Following the completion of the survey in December 2018, an action plan was developed to address areas for development and ensure that employee satisfaction continues to grow.

The Action Plan 2019 (AP19) addresses the developments of the Schulte Group’s Tools and Technology by focusing on software-targeted training, the introduction of a robust procedure on ‘user-acceptance testing’ and a project designed to help ensure the alignment between BSM and its technology division, MariApps Marine Solutions. Furthermore, a ‘Help Desk’ feedback platform is now available, where the data will be collected to create a walkthrough video to clarify various communication tools to everyone.

Managing workload and stress is another aspect the AP19 focuses on. To become more operationally efficient as a company, BSM focuses on improving systems and procedures. This will be achieved by introducing a flexible work schedule, along with an annual Wellness Day with several health-related activities provided from well-trained specialists, to promote healthy living, relieve stress and foster team spirit.

In order to increase collaboration and team spirit, Social and Culture Committees will be formed.  These ‘ambassadors’ will lead the wellness activities and events to encourage inter-department communication and collaboration. Through these events, more hours will be devoted to volunteering and supporting local communities as a part of the company’s social responsibility.

The final action in the AP19 is the identification of new training and development opportunities. Through this movement, BSM can increase team-building workshops to improve in-office relationships as well as encourage learning and energise employees.

BSM wishes for challenge, motivation and growth in all our employees. With the help of the AP19, BSM pledges to provide a healthy and professional working environment, so all our employees can accomplish their personal goals.

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