BlueSeasMatter launches first global event for staff

This year BSM launched its first global event under BlueSeasMatter, called, ‘small act, BIG IMPACT’.

BlueSeasMatter is an inspirational CSR movement created by the BSM staff in 2018. This initiative was borne out of the passion to protect the world’s oceans, rivers and beaches, and aims to unite all Schulte Group employees in the fight against plastic pollution.

‘small act, BIG IMPACT’ will engage all the Organisation with two activity days, themed after and taking place on their internationally recognised environmental days, Earth Day and World Ocean Day.

The first activity day ‘Grow social responsibility’ took place on April 22 this year, with staff from over 19 countries participating in various green activities, both through educating themselves and contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Globally, the Schulte Group community arranged park and beach cleanings, switched off the lights and air-conditionings, car-pooled or cycled to work, planted flowers and herbs for their desks, participated in creative workshops on how to make natural soaps and deodorants, and hiked to green areas for a day of tree planting.

In support of BSM’s first global ‘green’ event, two special guest speakers, Ron Bloemers, Founder/Managing Partner of Start-U-up and Bill Dale, Founder/Chief Executive of Beach Buddies, participated in an Ask Me Anything live stream session for all Schulte Group employees.

Ron and Bill spoke about their journeys as environmentalists, the global issue of pollution and the difficulties they continue to face while trying to grow their unique businesses. The stream concluded with a challenge for all Schulte Group staff, to find a small way to contribute to the environment each day.

The next activity day ‘A Wave of Change’ will take place on June 8 and will also include BSM’s seafarer community on board all full-managed vessels. A series of activities for this is being planned by the BSM community both at sea and shore for this occasion.

The focus of BlueSeasMatter, through these events, as well as other initiatives, is to inspire people and show that even the smallest actions can be meaningful with the support of a wider community. By working together, we can eliminate one-use plastics from our lives, reduce pollution and protect the world for future generations!

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