25 years of making our seafarers feel at home

There is perhaps no better way to break the monotony of a long ocean voyage and home-sickness than a wholesome and palatable meal.

Established on this belief, Seachef was incepted on April 1, 1994, to provide BSM’s crew, sailing across oceans far and wide, with quality catering and housekeeping services.

For Seachef, the main goal is to provide nutritious, safe and palatable meals and hygienic living conditions, with minimal involvement of the crew. The journey over the last 25 years has been challenging but fully rewarding; from the first vessel with one nationality on board, to over 400 vessels with more than 40 nationalities on board.

Through 25 years of feedback and continuous improvement, Seachef has continued to evolve, achieving over 90 percent customer satisfaction yearly.

The fundamentals behind Seachef remain unchanged. Seachef continuously develops well-trained and professional hospitality staff through a stringent selection process. Seachef also maintains the highest standards of hygiene and housekeeping practices, reduces unnecessary wastage by ensuring minimal accounting and paperwork streamlined procurement process and provides its quality services at competitive prices to customers.

The success of Seachef could not be attributed to just a handful of people, but rather the collective efforts of well-trained catering personnel working onboard as well as the support of the shore team.

Over the years, Seachef has made seafarers feel close to home through their services.

Today, Seachef has equipped themselves with the latest IT solutions for paperless operations, engaged in better training resources for the hospitality personnel, and further strengthened the procurement services by handling the general stores for all vessels. Seachef aims to expand their services to cruise and offshore vessels, as well as land-based catering institutions in the near future.

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