Schulte Group hosts the HH 100 Cycling Tour 2018

On September 1, 2018, the annual Schulte Group Hamburg 100 Cycling Tour (HH 100) took place in Hamburg. This was the first time the Schulte Group hosted this event, bringing together cycling enthusiasts, who work in the maritime industry from across Europe.

The first Hamburg 100 Cycling Tour was held in 2014 by Ince & Co, inspired by a cycling event hosted by Gard in Norway. The Schulte Group has participated in this event since its inception due to its close relationship with Ince & Co. However, in 2018, the baton was passed on to the Schulte Group, who in high spirits took on the event.

Cycling enthusiasts and cycling novices departed in the early morning from the Schulte Group offices and went on either a 100- or 60-kilometre ride along the Elbe river with five allocated rest stops along the route.

This annual gathering is open to all maritime professionals and they are welcome to bring along any friends and family members. The HH 100 was an occasion for partners, customers, colleagues and their families to come together and have fun on the lane.

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