BSM showcases dedication to high-potential employees

In 2016, BSM piloted a two-year accelerator programme, named HiPo Accelerator, dedicated to the development of high-potential employees (HiPos) for leadership positions within the Organisation.

This year marked the successful completion of the strategic human resources and talent management initiative, which includes 15 nominated members from various BSM Ship Management Centres globally.

Their journey was specifically designed to enhance everyone’s management skills with a series of online trainings, individual interactive assignments and live face-to-face training. It also included team assignments, coaching and mentoring, individual and group assessments as well as long-term projects.The HiPo Accelerator programme supports professional development through the application of new skills within the work environment.

Covering a wide range of topics, such as presenting effectively, giving and receiving feedback, personality style management, influencing and negotiating, managing workload, innovating from idea to implementation, business financials and leadership, the programme improved both effective communication and business-specific management skills of the individuals.

In November 2018, the programme concluded with a Demo Day where the HiPos presented their six-month Innovation Sprint business ideas and recommendations. Each idea was presented through a de-risking and business validation process taught throughout the two-year period.

Elena Pantazidou, BSM Director HR Shore, said, “We are proud to announce that we belong to the five percent of companies that successfully complete their High-Performance Optimisation programmes.

“From the participants, we are happy to announce, that more than 80 percent have already received or will receive a promotion within the next year.”

The programme concluded with a graduation ceremony, held at the Prototyp Museum in Hamburg, Germany. The HiPos accompanied by the BSM management and shareholder representatives, celebrated the conclusion of the programme and their achievements.

“To our HiPos, we are proud of all your efforts, hard work, willingness and openness towards learning,” Elena said.

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