Drone Inspections: The faster, safer and less expensive solution

BSM’s Fleet Maintenance & Repair team has established a group of experts to attend vessels using drones.

Wih specialisation in different type of vessels, including oil and chemical tankers, gas carriers, bulkers and containerships, this team can replace costly means of inspections, such as staging, rafting and rope access with drones to provide good results at a fraction of the costs.

This solution has been developed for customers in the marine as well as offshore oil and gas industries, looking for a faster, less expensive and safer alternative for visual inspections in confined spaces or hazardous locations.

The main features of drone inspections include the customisation of inspection based on the customer’s requirements (drone size, camera quality, flight time, etc.), the ability to fly in confined spaces without GPS or compass signal and to perform Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) inspections while the pilot and inspector remain outside the inspected area, eliminating the need for tank ventilation.

Drone inspections can provide up to 12 minutes of high-resolution footage and the inspection reports are based on the customer’s needs.

Types of Drone Inspections


  • Class/ flag inspections
  • Planned maintenance inspections
  • Ad-hoc inspections (failures, breakdowns)
  • Pre-repair evaluations (pre-docking, more accurate budgeting)
  • Pre-purchase inspections


  • Hull inspections (dock and in-water)
  • Structural and coating
  • Cargo gear inspections
  • Chimneys, masts
  • Anchors, fairleads, anchor chains
  • Loadline marking verification

What can Drone Inspections be used for?

  • General visual inspections
  • Condition evaluation
  • Coating verification
  • Structural integrity
  • Welding visual inspections
  • Corrosion evaluation

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