BSM Seafarers saving lives

Earlier in the summer of 2018, two BSM managed vessels diverted course to carry out emergency rescue missions and successfully saved six lives.

In May 2018, the BSM Hong Kong managed vessel MV CMA CGM Brazil responded to a distress signal from a 46-foot sailing vessel in the North Atlantic Ocean that was taking on water due to a damaged rudder.

After being alerted of the situation by the coast guard San Juan, Puerto Rico, the crew immediately volunteered to divert course to aid the distressed vessel. Upon arrival, the BSM crew established communications with the vessel and continued to tow her to Saint Maarten, preventing the need for the two Swedish survivors to abandon their vessel at sea.

The BSM crew of MV CMA CGM Brazil was presented with a commendation by the US Coast Guard for their heroic actions and for keeping with time honoured traditions of mariners assisting those in peril at sea.

The following month, seafarers on the BSM Cyprus managed and Shell time-chartered vessel Everhard Schulte spotted a small boat with four fishermen in distress, while traveling through the Manado passage to Tangguh, Indonesia.

Overnight one of the two fishing boats sunk, and while the fishermen managed to transfer safely to the other one, it developed a leak in the hull, which lead to engine failure. Knowing the piracy risks of the area, Capt. Jaroslaw Masiak and the crew immediately responded by diverting course to help the stricken craft.

The crew proceeded to broadcast a request for assistance to all stations. After a successful manoeuvre alongside the boat, the four fishermen and their craft were safely taken on board. First aid was administered on the four victims, who were later comforted with a meal.

Without a radio or emergency equipment, the fishermen were extremely grateful to the BSM crew for saving their lives. In coordination with the Manado Coast Guard, the four individuals and their boat were transferred to the safe custody of coastguard vessel KN Pasatimpo.

BSM is exceptionally proud of the two vessel crews, as they did not hesitate to rise to the occasion, safely returning six seafarers to their homes and loved ones.

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