MariApps enhances digital capabilities through collaboration

MariApps Marine Solutions has entered into a joint venture (JV) agreement with Finnish maritime clean tech company Navidium PLC to develop innovative and scalable solutions focussing on vessel optimisation and performance enhancements.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) and its Fleet Performance Centre (FPC) will closely work with the joint venture partners to build upon enhancing the current Performance and Voyage software modules developed by BSM and MariApps, focusing on telemetry and onboard analytics.

BSM will pilot selected solutions from the JV on its managed vessels to evaluate them and document the requirements specific to its managed fleet. These requirements will be built by the JV team and the identified products from the pilot phase will be implemented across the BSM fleet. This is not just a onetime effort and any requirements captured by BSM on fleet performance and onboard data analytics will be reviewed with the JV team to evaluate their development.

MariApps is optimistic about the synergies with Navidium, and the participation of BSM’s FPC will continue to enhance and drive improvements to digital solutions. This joint venture will help MariApps increase its competitive advantage and provide significant value to customers with advanced solutions to improve vessel performance and operations.

Unlocking value from data

The joint venture has assembled a team of 70 highly skilled professionals – that includes masters and chief engineers, naval architects, electrical engineers, analysts, project managers, data scientists, and software developers – who are working together towards building digital solutions that will improve operational efficiencies, visible performance improvements, monitoring capabilities, and ensure an optimised voyage.

The key is to unlock value from actionable data and machine learning aggregated from telemetry equipment and modern sensors installed on the vessel to provide real-time analytics and enable informed decision making.

These equipment and sensors send continuous data that allow the ship and shore teams to monitor vessel and equipment performance without delay. Assisted by machine learning, any deviation from defined standards and parameters can be immediately addressed and corrected to avoid exponential losses resulting from equipment downtime or excessive fuel consumption.

Providing a one-stop shop

At the top of the joint venture’s portfolio of solutions is the Vessel Operation Centre (VOC), a one-stop shop for ship owners and managers to ensure efficient and optimised vessel operations with the highest standards of safety and reliability. The VOC brings end-to-end visibility across the fleet with a centralised view of operational, navigational, technical, and maintenance data for vessel crew and shore teams alike. The data will facilitate communication between teams and offer actionable insights that empower them to make informed decisions in mitigating risks and driving efficiencies.

With the VOC, real-time weather advisory will augment the traditional navigational tools, assisting the crew to plan voyages optimally. This leads to more precise arrival and departure schedules based on actual weather conditions, fuel savings, and better planning of port calls.

Enabling preventive maintenance

Taking care of the vessels through an effective maintenance program is paramount to guarantee peak performance and maximise asset value. The VOC enables preventive and condition-based maintenance as it continuously monitors the performance and condition of the vessel and all equipment on board, thus providing and analysing real-time critical data.

The VOC will be manned 24/7 by technical experts and provide a single point of contact for both vessel crew and onshore teams to answer their queries, enable quick resolution and troubleshooting. The VOC team will be responsible for raising alerts for any impending situation that the vessel crew might face on their voyage, thereby minimising disruption and allowing for proactive actions.

For further details, please contact Khalil Rehman Aziz (Marketing and Business Development Director, MariApps) at:

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