Seafarer Profile: Bernardino Dandan

Bernardino Dandan, Chief Engineer

Born and raised in Barili, a province in Cebu, Philippines, Chief Engineer Bernardino Dandan has always set his sights on sailing the high seas. Since his early childhood days, he always dreamt of working on a large vessel. After high school, he took his first step towards his dream when he enrolled in the Marine Engineering course. “Being a seafarer provided me with the opportunity to offer my family a better life, while having the chance to travel the world and explore interesting places,” he said.

As Chief Engineer, Bernardino is tasked with ensuring that all machinery and equipment on board are working efficiently, for a smooth and safe navigation. He oversees all engine operations and conducts regular planned maintenance, performing repairs when needed.

After 30 years with BSM, today Bernardino still remains highly passionate about his work. He shared that his secret is to remain positive even when performing the most difficult task. “I am willing to do what is necessary to achieve the best outcome, no matter how difficult the situation is. I also strongly believe in taking full responsibility for my actions,” he said.

With a team under his supervision, he highlighted that he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience to motivate his co-workers to become better engineers. “As the head of the Engine Department, I am constantly guiding and coaching my crew, and I maintain frequent communication with them. Ultimately, I want to inspire and encourage the new generation of seafarers to be passionate about their job,” Bernardino mentioned.

Despite the challenges he faces every day, he is proud both of himself and his team for managing everything successfully. Throughout all his years of service at BSM, he is constantly undergoing a series of training programmes to ensure he meets the required BSM standards on safe operations. Further, through BSM’s in-house training, he is able to cultivate and improve his skills to better meet the demands of his job on board.

Through BSM, Bernardino looks forward to providing his family with a good life. While on board, he remains in close contact with them through social media and makes frequent calls and texts back home. When asked about his long-term ambition, Bernardino stated that he hopes to provide his children with “a quality education by sending them to good schools so that they can have a bright future.”

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