BlueSeasMatter engages sea and shore staff with environmental activities

BlueSeasMatter is a Schulte Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, created in 2018. Born out of the passion to protect the world’s oceans, rivers and beaches, this inspirational initiative unites all the Group’s offices with one common goal, to eliminate plastic pollution globally.

Throughout 2019, this CSR initiative completed its first global event ‘small act, BIG IMPACT’ by engaging all employees with two activity days, themed after and taking place on their internationally recognised environmental days, Earth Day (April 22) and World Ocean Day (June 8).

On Earth Day, the first activity day ‘Grow Social Responsibility’ took place, where employees from 19 countries arranged park and beach cleanings, switched off the lights and air-conditionings, car-pooled or cycled to work, planted flowers and herbs for their desks, participated in creative workshops on how to make natural soaps and deodorants, and hiked to green areas for a day of tree planting.

On World Ocean Day, the second activity day ‘A Wave of Change’, took place, with 116 BSM full managed vessels joining the cause and participating with environmental activities tailored to them worldwide. The Schulte Group managed to arrange 12 clean-up initiatives which had a total impact of over 1,730 kg of waste removed from the environment as well as eight tree and flower planting activities, adding up to over 770 plants.

Offices and vessels made an extra effort to reduce printing, switch off lights and replace bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives. Seafarers sorted their garbage into recyclable materials, re-purposed plastic waste, old drums, and ropes on board.

Additionally, shore employees were encouraged to think green and participate in all the activities. With over 760 people globally engaged in this initiative, a new way of thinking has begun which is kinder to the environment.

Even a small change, in a large community like the Schulte Group, can have a big impact on the environment and the quality of life for our future generations.

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