Pronav embarks on new growth chapter

Founded in 1995 in Hamburg, Pronav Ship Management is a third-party ship manager specialised in large LNG carriers.

Shortly after its foundation, Pronav entered the US and Japan markets with the incorporation of ‘Pronav Ship Management Inc.’ in the two countries. In 1998, Osaka-based Pronav began managing a fleet of eight steam-driven, Moss-type LNG carriers that were supplying LNG from Indonesia to Japan as part of an energy transportation project, which concluded in 2011.

In 2005, the Hamburg head office of Pronav won the Qatargas II project tender and was assigned with the management of four large Q-Flex LNG carriers. The vessels have an LNG capacity of 210,100 cubic metres and are equipped with an onboard reliquefication plant. In 2012, two conventional steam-driven LNG carriers built in 2004 and 2006, owned by Qatari interests and chartered out to RasGas, today’s Qatargas, entered the Pronav managed fleet.

A one-stop shop

In January 2018, the Schulte Group received clearance by the German Federal Cartel Office to fully acquire Pronav. Today, as a member of the Schulte Group, Pronav has full access to the operational experience of BSM, including LNG carriers of the latest generation, i.e. vessels with X-DF or ME-GI engines.

This enables Pronav to offer full management services for all currently operating types of LNG carriers: no matter if steam-driven, propelled by slow-speed diesel engines and equipped with a 100 percent reliquefication plant or featuring different dual fuel propulsion systems. In addition, the company has extensive experience and knowledge of the particularities of different cargo containment systems, for example in terms of different membranes and Moss-type cargo tanks.

One of Pronav’s hallmarks is its operational excellence, which is reflected in its stellar operational and safety track record.

From 1998 to date, the LNG carriers managed by Pronav have successfully performed about 4,300 LNG cargo operations, either with shore-based terminals or floating units such as FSRUs and FSUs, without any major incidents and accidents. In addition, Pronav has maintained 100 percent availability of the nine managed vessels it managed in the past years – currently it manages six – with no operational off-hire from 2015 to date.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Pronav is highly recognised by energy majors, LNG charterers and LNG terminal operators throughout the world for its safety, quality and reliability of operations.

Pronav has a confirmed Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) average rating of 3.58 (with a minimum stage three throughout the entire TMSA), verified by management reviews of charterers and energy majors.

Its managed fleet of LNG carriers are accepted by all major loading and discharge terminals around the world, including Japanese LNG terminals, which are technically compatible with the managed ships.

In addition to its specialised technical LNG ship management services, the company also provides experienced and qualified LNG crew complements. The retention rate for senior officers and gas engineers is at approximately 100 percent and the Pronav complements comply with industry requirements with respect to crew experiences, SIGTTO matrix and others. The company ensures it fulfils the respective matrix requirements also during periods of high demand for experienced LNG seafarers. This is safeguarded by several initiatives and mainly by Pronav’s participation in the Schulte Group’s dedicated LNG seafarer training programme.

Well-equipped for future challenges

In view of the substantial growth of the world’s LNG fleet in the coming years, Pronav is working closely with the Schulte Group’s LNG Co-ordination Centre (LCC). In 2019, the LCC and Pronav started their joint marketing and sales initiatives for both existing and prospective customers with the aim of promoting new LNG projects and to cultivate long-term business relations and partnerships with clients. In addition, the LCC and Pronav jointly provide advisory services to major industry players in the fields of LNG crewing, OPEX analyses and technical assessments.

Pronav’s strategy is to enlarge its managed fleet by offering the highest quality of full management services to the industry. Due to its highly motivated and experienced teams on board and ashore, its focus on new technological developments and industry safety trends, as well as its active participation in training for qualified officers, Pronav is well-placed and fully prepared for the future challenges of the LNG ship management market.

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