BSM Russia celebrates two 20-year anniversaries

In 2019, BSM Crew Service Centre (CSC) St. Petersburg celebrated the milestones of two long-serving women who completed their 20 years of service with the company; Olga Tsvigun, Senior Fleet Personnel Officer, and Tatjana Cheprova, Chief Accountant.

Tatjana first joined BSM in 1998 and Olga joined one year later. Both have been honoured with an event hosted, dedicated to their achievements over the years.

“We are proud to celebrate the day when this incredible milestone is met. Our colleagues, Olga and Tatyana, are being recognised for their 20-year dedication and service to BSM. We thank them for every working day and we all really appreciate their efforts,” said Nataly Kokhanaya, BSM Director of CSC Russia.

“These 20 years flashed by like 20 minutes. I have enjoyed every single moment, the great achievements as well as the difficulties and stressful situations, which all helped mould our characters to what we are today,” said Tatjana.

“To an outsider, the work of a Fleet Personnel Officer might seem a bit boring and tedious, but that is not the case. Keeping a constant communication with people, you learn that everyone has something unique to offer. The BSM family is a very welcoming and friendly team, and we are happy to be a part of it,” said Olga.

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