BSM Highlights – January 2022

Dear Readers,

The new year has quickly picked up speed, and well-known topics continue to occupy our thinking and doing. Schulte Group CEO Ian Beveridge gives an outlook on the concerns that will challenge not only us, but the entire maritime industry in 2022 and beyond. The major global trends of digitalisation and sustainability – and in particular the reduction of climate-damaging emissions – are given special attention in the current issue of BSM Highlights. In addition, we especially focus on our crew management and the development of new solutions to counter the increasing shortage of skilled sea staff.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and look forward to receiving your thematic suggestions here.

“We Need to Make a Seagoing Career More Attractive”

Ian Beveridge, CEO of the Schulte Group, is convinced that the struggle for well-trained seafarers will be one of the greatest challenges facing the maritime industry in the coming years.

Good Seafarers do not Fall From the sky

The pressure within the shipping industry is growing. Well-trained seafarers are in short supply. BSM is taking new innovative approaches to counteract the shortage of skilled manpower…

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eRBooks: The Digital Revolution in Environmental Record Keeping

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) is working to implement digital Environmental Record Books on all of its over 400 fully managed vessels by mid-2022…

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BSM Intensifies Global Support for COVID Vaccination of its Seafarers

BSM always puts employee safety and customer satisfaction at the heart of its operations. As a result, the company has continued to expand its efforts and support…

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Meet the “Cool” People Helping to Ship LNG Around the World

Ships don’t sail themselves, people do. As demand for LNG grows around the world, this specialised cargo needs the highly trained and qualified personnel to carry out the task. Read on to find out more about the crew…

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How Individual Crew Behaviour can Positively Influence our Carbon Footprint

Leveraging big data for greener shipping: BSM, together with London-based start-up Signol, is researching how individual behavioural change can lead to reduced fuel consumption across fleet…

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Navigating the Ever-Evolving Bridge

Digitalisation offers many opportunities to make ship navigation easier and more efficient. However, the digital bridge also presents the crew with new challenges. Ship navigation has changed dramatically since Nicholas Rich returned…

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3D Printed Ship Parts: A Win-Win Solution for Clients and Sustainability

The only constant in life is change; additive manufacturing (AM) is expected to revolutionise the way products are designed, manufactured and distributed…

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BSM Expands its Offshore Activities

BSM continues to strengthen its position in the demanding offshore industry. At the end of last year, the company established a joint venture with Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services to bring BSM’s expertise to the Saudi Arabian market…

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Preventing Pollution one Geotag at a Time

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) champions Eyesea marine pollution mapping initiative. A new app developed to help map marine pollution across the globe has been trialled on BSM ships and advocated…

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