BSM moves into consultancy services with HMAS

Andreas Solomonides
HMAS Managing Director

With an ever increasing demand for consultancy services for third-party customers in the maritime sector, BSM has launched Hanseatic Maritime Advisory Services (HMAS), to cater to such needs.

HMAS provides maritime solutions to clients in the shipping industry, to create more customer value through specialised maritime services. HMAS is an established worldwide network consisting of qualified, experienced and skilled professionals, able to deal with a variety of shipping requirements and offer comprehensive advisory services to all stakeholders throughout the shipping industry.

“Our value proposition is a worldwide presence, qualified and experienced personnel with professional skills, and customised, cost-efficient solutions for each customer,” says Andreas Solomonides, Managing Director of HMAS.

Since 2005 with BSM Greece in the role of Fleet Manager, Andreas is vastly experienced with liquefied petroleum gas carriers, tankers and dry vessels.

HMAS aims to take advantage of BSM’s global infrastructure as well as its own growing network of expert inspectors. Those strengths will offset challenges such as the reluctance of ship owners to outsource as well as enter into a market with multiple and well-established competitors.

“The new company aims to provide a regular additional revenue stream for the Schulte Group, as it will be focusing on third-party, non-BSM customers,” Andreas says. “The synergies from HMAS’s ability to tap into BSM’s network will enable HMAS to keep costs low, and in turn will allow the parent company to offer its services at competitive rates.”

HMAS is initially marketing its services from Greece and Hong Kong where it is based, although its focus is global.

“While ship owners, banks and financial institutions are the most promising,” Andreas says, “HMAS is also targeting private equity groups, brokers, insurers and charterers across the world with a wide range of services.”

With the aim of becoming a leading maritime consultancy services provider over time, HMAS is offering other services including pre-purchase and condition inspections, Port State Control pre-inspection, navigational, mooring and environmental audits, inspections on behalf of P&I clubs and charterers, bunker and cargo surveys, as well as dry dock and repair supervision.

For further details on the advisory services of HMAS, you may visit or contact the team at

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